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It is important and in your best interest to seek academic advising early and often. We are eager to meet with you and want you to feel comfortable approaching us with even the most basic academic concern because through our discussions, new perspectives that you may not have previously considered could come to light. Take advantage of our availability. We are here for you. The relationship you form and maintain with your academic advisor is essential to your successful undergraduate experience.

WAAC graduate student with faculty
Faculty and students working in design studio in Burchard Hall, College of Architecture and Urban Studies.

Meet Our CAUS Advisors


Advisor Program Location Email
Tamela Gallimore Architecture and Industrial Design (Years 1 & 2) Cowgill Hall, Room 201
Vernon Ferguson  Architecture and Industrial Design (Years 3, 4, & 5) Cowgill Hall, Room 201
Susan Rosebrough Landscape Architecture and Interior Design Cowgill Hall, Room 201
Shelton Norwood Building Construction Bishop-Favrao, Room 430-F
Gary Kinder Building Construction Bishop-Favrao, Room 330-B
Chris LaPlante Environmental Policy & Planning and Public & Urban Affairs Architecture Annex, Room 205
Tracey Drowne Art History, Creative Technologies, Studio Art, Graphic Design Armory, 201 Draper Road, Room 110
Rob Jacks Explore the College of Architecture and Urban Studies (Explore CAUS) Cowgill Hall, Room 202