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New Student Orientation

The College of Architecture & Urban Studies (CAUS) at Virginia Tech is excited to welcome our newest Hokies.  New Student Orientation is one of the most important parts of your transition to college. This is where you’ll get to meet with your academic advisor in your major and obtain very important information for your success. Orientation is also when you’ll enroll in classes for the upcoming semester.

The information that follows details how academic advising at orientation will work, and what you should do to prepare for and sign up for an advising appointment.

Excited students walk through campus.

Prepare for Orientation Advising & Schedule your Advising Appointment

Complete the university orientation advising checklist action items.

Click this link to view the checklist.

These checklist items make sure you complete tasks such as submitting your transfer credit and scores to Virginia Tech, sign up for DUO 2-Factor Login, etc.

Complete the College of Architecture & Urban Studies Pre-Orientation Form (Deadline: June 7th, 2021)

Click this link to access the pre-orientation form.

The CAUS pre-orientation form will help your advisor determine if you are bringing in transfer credit that may count for your major. Your advisor will use this form when pre-enrolling you in classes prior to your academic advising appointment. Please finish completing this form by June 7th.

Schedule your advising appointment & review canvas advising resources for your major.

On Monday June 7th, 2021 your academic advisor will email you and send a link that you can use to schedule your academic advising appointment through Navigate (Virginia Tech’s academic advising portal). Advising appointments will take place virtually, over Zoom, between June 14th and July 23rd. Sign up early, and download the Zoom app in advance of your appointment.

You won’t be able to schedule your advising appointment prior to June 7th, but after that you’ll schedule it here:

On this same date, June 7th, you’ll be added to an orientation advising page in Canvas (Virginia Tech’s course management system) where you’ll need to log-in and review important information and resources from your academic advisor. Before meeting with your academic advisor, you’ll be expected to review the Canvas site resources, which includes information about how to add and drop classes and what classes you’ll be taking in the fall.

Canvas can be accessed here:

Watch the below videos to understand how to use Virginia Tech’s timetable of classes and how to register for classes.

Your academic advisor will attempt to pre-enroll you in classes required for your major, but you will not be able to edit your course schedule until you meet with your academic advisor (a new student orientation hold will be on your account until that time). You’ll want to go back and reference these videos though, if you need to make a schedule change after talking with an academic advisor.


Academic advising as part of orientation will occur virtually, over Zoom. You’ll schedule a one-on-one appointment with your advisor (family members are welcome to attend as well) sometime between June 14th and July 23rd.

The earliest you can schedule an appointment with your advisor will be June 7th, when your advisor will send you a link to schedule that appointment. We recommend you sign up early for an advising appointment.

No. You will not be able to register for classes until you meet with an academic advisor. Your advisor will pre-enroll you in classes required for your major, and you will only be able to edit your course schedule after your one-on-one advising appointment.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact:

Rob Jacks
Director of Academic Advising
Rob Jacks headshot