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CAUS Ambassadors

CAUS student ambassadors at the fall 2019 homecoming tailgate

Student leaders, ready and equipped to serve.

Who are the CAUS Ambassadors? This select group of undergraduate students serve as advocates, liaisons, and leaders for the College of Architecture and Urban Studies. Our ambassadors represent a wide span of majors across the college and come from different points in their academic journeys. 

In the spirit of Ut Prosim, CAUS ambassadors participate in a variety of service-oriented opportunities. These include serving as tour guides for prospective students and their families during campus visits, participating in recruitment events like Open House, and hosting alumni and other visitors during college advancement events. 

Ask an Ambassador

One of the most important ways our ambassadors serve is connecting with prospective students. Want to know what it's like to major in environmental policy and planning? Looking for insight into the architecture program's studio culture? Ask an ambassador! We can connect prospective students to a CAUS ambassador enrolled in their preferred major for a closer look at student life. 

Contact director of academic advising Rob Jacks to get connected to one of our ambassadors. 

Laurie Booth
Ojima Glover

Serve as an Ambassador

Are you interested in serving as an inspiration to the new students we welcome into CAUS every year? If so, consider joining the ambassador program. Your active participation as a CAUS ambassador helps develop leadership skills and promotes a personal commitment to serving others. In addition to broadening your exposure to the college, its degree programs, and students in other schools, many of our students and graduates have also found that their professional experience and resumes benefit from ambassador service. 

The college recruits for new ambassadors every spring. Interested students must submit an application along with their resume and a faculty letter of reference. The selection process also includes an interview. Qualified candidates who exhibit an eager commitment to serve will be strongly considered for the program. 

Have questions about the CAUS ambassador program? Contact director of academic advising Rob Jacks.

Meet Our 2020-21 CAUS Ambassadors

Name         Major Expected Graduation Date
Evelyn Agren Architecture Spring 2021
Elena Ahwee-Marrah Architecture Spring 2024
Lainey Bessette Landscape architecture Spring 2022
Gates Breeden Architecture Spring 2021
Connor Brown Architecture Spring 2022
Alexa Buckland Interior design Spring 2022
Alonzo Colon Architecture Spring 2024
Yoni Comhaire Architecture Spring 2022
Hunter Courtney Architecture Spring 2022
Grace Evans Interior design Spring 2021
Danielle Fattibene Industrial design Spring 2022
Monique Gagnon Interior design Spring 2021
Emilie Gick Architecture Spring 2021
Shelby Greenburg Industrial design Spring 2021
Savannah Greenwald Graphic design Spring 2021
Samantha Harlow Architecture Spring 2021
Aria Hill Architecture Spring 2022
Cameron Lee Architecture Spring 2021
Connor Leidner Architecture Spring 2023
Tyler Mochizuki Architecture Spring 2023
Oriana Nordt Industrial design Spring 2022
Justin Penn Architecture Spring 2023
Abigail Potter Landscape architecture Spring 2021
Emma Potter Environmental policy and planning Spring 2021
Jacob Pruitt Building construction Spring 2021
Kate Santus Industrial design Spring 2022
Natalie Serio Environmental policy and planning Spring 2021
Rosalie Siegel Industrial design Spring 2022
Sarah Stubeck Building construction Spring 2021
Amanda Stuckey Architecture Spring 2021
Emma Sweeten Architecture Spring 2021
Jeslyn Tan Architecture Spring 2023
Audra White Architecture Spring 2023
Lelan Yung Architecture Spring 2023